Kennedy Taylor

173cm or 5'8"
Busty 8
Vintage Lingerie
Maddy & Riley
Kennedy is comfortable seeing women & couples.
Kennedy is kink & fetish friendly.



Vintage copper bombshell Kennedy will have you eating out of the palm of her hand.


With looks and a body to die for, you will immediately be transfixed by Kennedy's naturally sexy demeanour and killer confidence. With her full sets of vintage lingerie and perfect presentation, you will be falling head over heels for Kennedy from the moment you meet her.


What sets Kennedy apart is her ability to arouse not only the body, but the mind. A sublime conversationalist, Kennedy genuinely loves to entertain you, making her a simply heavenly companion.


Whether you are looking for something sensual and erotic, or something a little kinkier, we can assure you that time spent with Kennedy will have you completely satisfied and wanting more.


Kennedy has this classic pin up girl look. Being with her is like taking a time machine back to the 1940's. But hey if your not into the fine craft of makeup and hair styling then I'll be blunt Kennedy's body is amazing. Her technique put me at ease almost instantly and I don't think I need to take you through the rest but I will say....WOW. I've seen Kennedy with my wife, she instantly put us both at ease and we've opened up a new world in our sex life because of the care Kennedy took in making us both comfortable. This could be my new addiction.


Wow……wow……wow……. Kennedy !!!!!!

I had the absolute pleasure to enjoy a wonderful mind and body experience yesterday afternoon with the very beautiful Kennedy. The experience that I chose wasn't the one that I would normally choose at Red Door, but the opportunity to venture outside my comfort zone and share time with Kennedy was just too strong a temptation to resist. 

She too admitted that she didn't expect me to book time with her. I think we both had a very different view by the end.

Whilst she worked her magic, we chatted - she occasionally rendered me speechless …. and breathless. I wished that I could have stopped the clock ticking down - I did not want my time to end. 

Kennedy …… given the opportunity again ….. I would book time with you in an instant. You are an amazing young lady. 

REVIEW FROM JON  - 3rd March 2017

It's astonishing to say this, but Kennedy's photos don't do her justice. They don't capture the charming gleam in her eye, the ease with which she chats with you, the dancer's grace of her movements, the way her touch can turn from tender to wicked in a moment. She's not just an astonishing body, she's a lovely person to spend time with. And tantalizing as the outfits in the photos above are, they still barely suggest the richness of what's just under the surface -- the elegant waist, the smooth soft curves, and possibly the most perfect set of breasts known to man (or woman). And they only hint at just how sensual and skilled her massage is. She has an instinct for how to lead your body through the experience -- when to focus in, when to broaden out and make the whole of your skin come alive. Her touch was never quite what I expected, but absolutely what I needed. In my case I came in carrying around far too much stress from the day... her strokes set up a hypnotic rhythm, relaxing before building the tension back up. I knew I was in the hands of not just a technical expert, but someone with a genuine talent for (and appreciation of) the whole sense of touch. I only wish I could have had a longer session with her. I'm all about the foreplay, and the slow buildup was absolutely delightful -- I would rather have savored it even more! Maybe next time...

REVIEW FROM QUEASYMOJO  - 1st February 2017

An exquisite blast to the past in a modern luxe setting being lovingly tended to by a luxuriant bombshell.

"My gift's my song, and this one's for you..." Seeking a momentary escape from the weight of world-weariness, this first-timer was piqued for months by the intriguing Red Door that had popped up and its enticing promises therein. Biting the red pill and ascending the carpeted steps, I was transported to memories of a time when the White House (amongst other seats of power) was filled with charm, charisma and inspiring leadership -- when women dressed and acted like ladies, and men respected and pampered them like gentlemen. However, 'twas I that was in for an unimaginable pampering beyond what I could've dreamt of. I deliberated at length whether to write this review,mostly out of selfish reasons, as I'd already been turned away the day before -- having dropped by unannounced (the phone number is not SMS-friendly, by the way) and learning to my dismay that they were all booked out for the afternoon. But in the spirit of free-enterprise, paying it forward, and believing that good service must not go uncomplimented, this experience deserves two personal accolades: for the establishment and the lady, individually.


First off, the reception was cosy and the welcome reassuring. There were silver-lined menus describing what was on offer, and payment was arranged in advance with the receptionist, avoiding the indelicacy of banal financial exchange with my chosen lady. I was blown away by how well the proprietress Donna had outfitted the interior of this non-descript building. Throughout, the decor was tastefully classy -- fancy without being garish, with discreet, almost inter-dimensional red doors, along its inner corridor. The room, one of my hostess' favourites, was palatial -- spacious without being spartan, impeccably lit with warm lighting, a large central massage table with comfortable face holes (so many aren't). A cosy spa pool raised future possibilities, and the shower was modern, in full view of the room, whilst a discreet toilet was thoughtfully hidden behind a door, in case one is somewhat shy of nature calls (as I was). Having been to many "luxury" 5-star hotel & boutique spas across the globe, I can only say that this mood-setting chamber surpassed them all.


Now as for my choice, which I'd deliberated upon for months since I caught wind of Red Door not too long after its opening. My my, what can I say. As Miss Kennedy T's stunning photographs and style had set my heart pounding months before, I was as anxious as a schoolboy on his first prom date and could hardly vocalize a word, but she was warm, welcoming and kindly gentle with this nervous wreck. In many senses (pun intended -- as there were senses opened that I never knew I had), it was my "first time" with this kind of experience, as my infrequent "happy-ending" massages over the decades have left me with a sense of weltschmerz, almost dread, even, at having to ingest the sensual equivalent of a Happy Meal -- knowing it's junk and bad for you, but ordering one anyway because you're so darned hungry, with the childish reassurance of having a cheap plastic toy at the end. Having groaned (2nd pun) up into a lazy undesirable Jabba the Hutt on these Maccas, pizzas and generic asian takeouts, I knew I needed a healing detox (and possibly a lapband), hence this (ad)venture. What I'd stumbled upon, instead, in the form Miss Kennedy, was a gourmet omikase gastronomic Heston Blumenthal-beating exquisite degustation experience, that, without going into details as a gentleman shouldn't, leaves my heart pounding, throughout the whole sweetly reminiscent sleepless night, and does still, almost a full day afterwards. If I could try to find words to describe her, it would be the sublimation of beauty, sensuality and sensitivity only vaguely personified in Christina Hendricks' flaming locks & gentle yet piercing eyes, Dita von Teese's impeccable get-up, Jessica Rabbit's otherworldly figure, Danaerys' daring confidence, and Marilyn Monroe's coquettish presence. Sheepishly whispered when her skilled fingers began their dance: "I feel like I'm in heaven". Needless to say I was grinning like an idiot from ear to ear the remainder of the day, and was spurred and invigorated enough to win a competitive match later that evening against an opponent I'd been easily whupped by a few times before. Thank you, Miss Kennedy. Mind + heart + senses = blown. Exhilaratingly annihilated & can't get you out of my head.

REVIEW FROM ECH - 22nd January 2017

After meeting this bird as a receptionist countless times at the establishment, this afternoon I finally got to meet her on the "ultimate-side-of-the-fence". Kennedy is the sweetest little creature - very much like some parrot siren flown in from some exotic forest! Her hourglass shape is next to indescribable and I will definitely be seeing her again some time!

REVIEW FROM A - 12th January 2017

Just a shout out to Kennedy. I shared a three hour couples booking last night with you and my Sugar Daddy  and I just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing evening. You are absolutely gorgeous!

REVIEW FROM NAUGHTY M - 19th September 2016

What can I say? I had the most amazing time with Kennedy. She is smart, intuitive and as you can tell by her photos an absolute knockout. 

A gentleman never tells what goes on in the room, however I will tell you it was one of the best times I have ever had, at Red Door and otherwise. I can't wait until I meet Kennedy again, maybe next time I might be a little bit more adventurous and explore some of her fetish offerings. I highly recommend both Kennedy, and of course Red Door.


Where do I start? Nervous as hell I wait in the room to get introduced to the ladies, and then... Kennedy walks in. She sits beside me and with a reassuring but cheeky smile she puts everything at ease.


We head to the room, and I get the chance to really talk to look at how gorgeous she is... Her dark hair, her hazel eyes, her ruby-red lips and her soft skin.

We spend some time in the spa and we enjoy the short time we have together. A few days later I returned for another enjoyable and memorable time with Kennedy. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.