• Kennedy

June Update: Still Closed AF

Happy June!

We hope you’re all doing well and keeping safe (and sane).

Now that the ACT’s 3 stage plan to ease COVID-19 restrictions have been announced we thought we should write another update, unfortunately we are still closed! We aren’t included in the allowing of massage parlours to open as we fall under the “strip clubs, brothels and escort agencies” category, which is set to open during stage 3 from mid July. The law requires us to hold a brothel licence due to the sexual nature of our services, so even though we don’t provide full service we need one for the other sexy stuff- it’s really biting us in the ass right now!

We still have not received any kind of direction from the government so can only interpret the guidelines as they come out in the media, but it is pretty clear about where we stand in regards to staying closed till at least mid July. We’ve had so many requests for home visits and outcall services but it’s just not allowed as per the restriction guidelines. We are good girls at heart and don’t want to do anything that bends the rules and puts anyone at risk. When we enquired about the possibility of opening up for strictly clothed companion services we were advised that we may be able to apply for it but absolutely no sexual services can take place, including a sneaky strip show! It’s still being considered and we may end up applying to operate non-sexual companionship services but at this stage we’re not so keen on the idea. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know! Right now, as much as we would love to give you a definitive opening date we just don’t have one.

In the meantime, we will be taking the next month and half before we can reopen to work on the website (including all the amazing new photos we have to show you) and our OnlyFans account, do some minor adjustments to the studio, deep clean everything in sight, and enjoy the opening up of our incredible city’s nightlife. We’ve missed going out for dinner and cocktails almost as much as we’ve missed Red Door being business as usual! Donna will be taking some much deserved R&R time in the second week of this month so I will be holding down RDHQ solo, and can be reached by email (kennedy@reddoorcanberra.com) or text (0411 717 192) should you need to get in touch.

As always, we’ll update the blog if we have any news but as of today it looks like we’ll be seeing you in mid July. Only a month and a half away, I’m sure it’ll fly by… here’s hoping!

Missing you all,

Kenny and Donna x