• Kennedy

May Update: Still Closed

Hi all!

We’ve had so many calls over the last week from people wondering if we are open, or when we are opening, or how long it’s going to be till we open so we thought we should write a quick update.

Unfortunately we are still very much closed! We have no idea when we’ll be able to open our (red) doors again, but please believe us when we say that no one is as frustrated as we are. We are craving normality in all its oily glory!

The ACT government has just announced that it will be slowly easing restrictions but it’s our belief that the adult entertainment industry will be one of the last to be released, so we’ve got at least a few more months of this left. The first stage of lifting the lockdown has started in the ACT and while it feels like we’re getting more personal freedom, unfortunately sexy services are still a no-go. Strip clubs and brothels are listed as “to remain closed” in stage 3 of the Federal COVID-19 plan to remove restrictions and we fall into that category. Ridiculous, we know! Not being seen as a legitimate business is something we’ve struggled with, now more than ever.

To be honest, we’ve turned the studio upside down with all the OnlyFans content we’ve been creating so we wouldn’t be ready to accept guests tomorrow even if they said we could! We’ve become quite obsessed with the online world, that it’s strange to think that in a few months we could be skin-to-skin with other people. Though it is getting cold so the shared body heat would be nice...

We are still taking every day as it comes and haven’t heard anything from the government about when we can expect to re-open. Like everyone else we’re just keeping an eye on all the news and announcements in the media at the moment and hoping it’s not too far away that we’ll be able to see everyone again. Rest assured that you will all be the second ones to know when we get the green light, first will be our amazing Red Door Girls so we can get a banging roster sorted to kick off with. I know they’re as eager to come back in as you are!

So yes, we are still closed. I wish we could tell you when we’ll be able to re-open but we’re just not getting any direction, we think it’ll be at least a few months still. I've added a little teaser below of the new photos we've gotten back from our photographer, Evelyn Hunt, just to remind you what you're missing while we're in shutdown... the full sets can be found on our OnlyFans if you want more (who wouldn't?!).

We hope you’re all staying safe and sane, fingers crossed we’re not too far off seeing you again.

- Kennedy x